Hazy Day, Acrylic, 16 x 20, 2016


My artistic vision is about interpreting topography. It is also about exploring phantasmagorical landscape.

Landscape is not a subject I have deliberately chosen for my practice: it came as I explored mark making in different techniques.

I work from the imagination. My goal is to explore the essence of a landscape, the feelings conveyed by a season, a time of day, the name of a place, the ambient temperature. I escape to an imaginary world. I am the observer of an ephemeral landscape.

I like contrasting mountain and low land, discover what appears on the horizon line, and how landscape feels like when viewed from a parked car, from a low flying plane, or standing on an elevation.

Instead of being romantic about landscape and topography, I prefer an impressionistic approach, in a quasi-abstract way, aiming mostly for dynamic colour associations.

My work begins as an improvisation. To carry the concepts I want to express, I use media and techniques that allow impulsive and playful mark making: acrylic, inks, palette and putty knives, oils sticks, graphite.

Since April 2016, I have started exploring illustration with printmaking using mostly the dry point technique. It allows me so create sharp expressive lines, while playing with colour and different surfaces, I would like to further this technique and to include it to my practice.